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Why Sell with Pappi’s?

Whether it is an outright sale or you would like us to sell your vehicle on consignment, Pappi’s provides a full-service and hassle-free transaction. From when we inspect and list your vehicle until the funds are transferred, you will receive first class service and hospitality from a fellow car enthusiast. Pappi’s handles all of the tedious tasks associated with selling in house, including: mechanical preparation & detailing (optional), advertising and marketing on our website, affiliate pages, social media, and other outlets.

What’s the best way to sale my vehicle?

Pappi’s offers two options when it comes to selling your vehicle. Pappi’s is owned by a fellow car enthusiast who is always open to adding on to the Pappi’s auto collection. Unlike other auto resellers, Pappi’s offers the option of an outright sale. We will buy your vehicle from you, or you can list it with Pappi’s on consignment basis.

What is the process like?

Once we receive the completed form below, we will contact you to schedule a pre-sale inspection to be performed within our full-service shop. Once the vehicle has been inspected and any issues have been addressed, our sales and marketing staff will research and provide a current market value on your vehicle and discuss purchase or listing prices as well as finalize any remaining actions such as payment methods, pricing, etc. If you have opted to list your vehicle with Pappi’s on a consignment basis, it will be displayed within our showroom (read below) and listed online. We have a nationwide network of buyers and collectors interested in all makes and types of vehicles linked to our inventory. We can find the right home for your antique, classic, hot-rod, exotic, sport, or late model!

What is required of the seller?

In addition to our contract, the seller must be the registered owner listed on the title of the lien-free vehicle and the VIN no. must match those on the car. The seller must provide Pappi’s with a copy of your current drivers’ license and contact information. The vehicle must either be detailed prior to delivery to Pappi’s or we can handle it for a small additional cost. It is highly recommended to bring any additional documentation you have on the vehicle including original documents, maintenance records, etc. as this could increase the value of your vehicle.

(Tip: To make the sale of your vehicle as enjoyable as possible, it is recommended you know the current market value of your vehicle. Unfortunately there isn’t a market for sentimental value and the amount invested is irrelevant to its value. While this may sound crass, we have found it best for all parties involved to have realistic expectations on the front end. We want the sale of your “baby” to be a satisfied one!)

Where will my car be if on consignment?

Our climate controlled showroom is housed within our secure facility built in 2015, located in downtown historic Tupelo, Mississippi. The showroom is open six days a week to the public. You are encouraged to come view your car at any time it is in our showroom and view our other inventory. Pappi’s Garage is located just off Main Street, and walking distance to the BancorpSouth Arena, Fairpark Commons, Tupelo Automobile Museum, the historic Tupelo Hardware store (part of the Elvis historic trail where a young Elvis Presley purchased his first guitar) and a short distance from Elvis’ birthplace and other local attractions.


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