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2000 BMW M Coupe

Engine: I6
Transmission: 5 Speed
Mileage: 178xxx
Body Style: Coupe
Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: Black

If you’re looking for equal parts rare and fun, this BMW M Coupe is right up your alley! The last year of the first gen M coupe, this gorgeous Cosmos Black M is absolutely gorgeous. And it performs as good as it looks too, packing a powerful BMW inline 6 cylinder punch rated at 240HP!

The engineers at BMW LOVED the Z3, however there was always that “what if” the car were more rigid and agile.. thus came the M Coupe. with a wider rear section, and a tiny hatch area, the structural rigidity of the car was greatly increased and the M Coupe was born. They didn’t stop there though, they stuffed the S52 inline 6 between the front wheels capable of 240HP right out of the box. Put that in front of a traditional 5 speed gearbox, and now you’ve got yourself a canyon-carving rocket!

This particular M has been meticulously maintained, and it shows. You’ll definitely attract attention too, as there were only 2100 of these cars imported into the states from 1998-2000, so it’s not likely you’ll find another too often.

If you’re looking to experience what German engineering can do when it’s allowed to run wild, stop by and check out this M Coupe!

Note: Pappi’s is NOT responsible for sore faces after a day full of driving this car with an ear to ear smile!


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