1952 Packard Mayfair


Engine: 374 (1956)
Transmission: TH700R AOD
Mileage: 1
Body Style: coupe
Exterior Color: Eggshell
Interior Color: Burgundy

Packard sure knew how to turn heads. This gorgeous post war sports sedan was born to compete with the Buicks and Cadillacs of its’ day, and it did so well. Elegant styling, subtle color combos that accentuate styling, and attention to detail like no other. This truly was the gentleman’s sports car.

Featuring a V8 Engine and automatic trans, it drives and shifts great and is very smooth.  All the exterior chrome is in beautiful condition, along with the glass and factory trim. The interior is color keyed to the exterior, a mix of eggshell and burgundy vinyl, and a matching burgundy painted dash that carries the color of the roof. The inside is in just as remarkable condition, with the upholstery tight and bright and showing no wear.

This is a very rare car that doesn’t see the market very often. This is a must have for the Packard collector or anyone who appreciates classic styling and luxury. Stop by and check it out today, don’t miss this once in a lifetime oppurtunity!


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