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1941 Chrysler New Yorker Sedan

Engine: 299CI
Transmission: 3 Speed
Mileage: -
Body Style: Sedan
Exterior Color: Olive
Interior Color: Olive

This gorgeous sedan is our 1941 Chrysler New Yorker. Painted in a modest Olive green, it really highlights the fluidity of the classic lines. Long swooping fenders and pointed hood make this car a sight to behold. Early 40’s American vehicles are especially rare due to wartime production policies.

This car also has the always popular suicide rear doors, along with a 3 speed manual transmission. The ornate dash is a sign of times where there was pride in design, and this one is definitely a showpiece. Every knob and button was designed with care and makes for a wonderful view inside the cabin.

The car is very roomy, and ready for a long road trip with family or friends! This car also features Chrysler’s patented Fluid Drive, which was high technology in ’41!

Stop by and take a look at this Pre-War beauty today!


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